me and my girl, Zel

I’m a resourceful and “thrifty” mom of three, Riley (9), Zelly (almost 2) and George (8 months). 3 years ago I was single, and so was Kirk Zipfel, my adorable comedian husband. Doing my time as a single parent with Riley, I learned how to be-bop around this town on exactly  “one thin dime”. Not an easy task.  Now we are a family of 5, tag team parenting whenever we can and (proudly) drive a MINIVAN!

I’m a teacher by trade, and resourceful as all get out. But parenting has reminded me that resourcefulness does not necessarily equate knowledge. When I sit down with myself, in those rare quiet moments, and try to figure it out, try so hard that it hurts, to recall all that I must know, I usually just come up with the damn lyrics to “The Wheels on the Bus”.

What do I know?” is my written account (’cause I know I’ll forget) of my discovery, and rediscovery of what the hell it is I know…I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be some doozies but also some treasures! Visit often. And comment. I LOVE comments.


Be in the know.


§ 3 Responses to About

  • Susan Conway says:

    Hey Kristie,
    Sue S told me about your new blog! It’s great. Love seeing you and your family – you look terrific.
    Finally retired after 37 years and loving it. Happy to reconnect with you.

  • Tracy Metzger says:

    Hey Kristy,

    Love your blog. Haven’t seen you in the St. Matthew’s Thrift shop lately but my 20 year old daughter is home for the summer and is looking for some fun babysitting. She is very responsible, lots of fun and has experience.

    Her name and number are, Cody Metzger, 310/923-5866.

    Hope to see you soon.

    Tracy from the St. Matthew’s Thrift Shop

  • Kristan Sargeant says:

    I look forward to reading your insights and tales from the trenches. Always entertaining and enlightening! xo!

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