Band-Aid off…Lights on!

December 1, 2011 § 1 Comment

After a brutal month + here at the MEZ household, there is a light on the horizon. Actually there are two lights. And they are shiny, new and super bright. My parents arrive here this week, and they are not staying in our spare bedroom (‘cause we don’t have one). They are renting a house, basically across the street from us, for 3 freaking’ glorious months. And they are not here for work, or to star-gaze and sightsee. They are here to snuzzle their only 3 grandbabies, and hang out, hardcore. Lucky us.

hey guys, did you hear the news?

Yep, we're ready. Come on over and snuzzle us Grandma and Papa!

I don’t really even know where to start when describing all this means, but in a nutshell, help has arrived. And not a second too soon.

This fall has been sobering on the parental front (don’t take this too literally – wine is still a dear friend). We have had illness, and logistics and work conflicts and conundrums, and way too little backup. And by way too little backup I mean basically none. Especially since Kirky left town last week. We are in a funk, and subsequently life has been funky. Everyone’s health is finally restored, but the house hunt SUCKS donkey (unless we are willing to shell out ~6K for a shabby – not shabby chic – rental hovel in Venice, EAST of Lincoln), and the kid’s book writing is coming along. But it is S L O W, and not as steady as I would like.

It’s a bit early for resolutions, but Grandma Peg and Papa John’s arrival feels more like the launch of a new year than any first night celebration I’ve attended. So the ball is dropping early in these parts. And it’s ripping the band-aid off on its way down.

are they here yet?

maybe they're in here?

Yo! Where are you? We could use a little help over here!

the news is spreading and it's kick your heels up good stuff.

Yippie! One more sleep.

Maybe this means Mama will comb here hair and look more like this all the time.

What do I know? Is back on, and it’s gonna be full of all things merry & bright.

yep, merry and bright.

Here’s what I know…It started last night with the restringing of the x-mas lights outside the house and putting my first holiday decoration in place. And who knows where it may end?


§ One Response to Band-Aid off…Lights on!

  • paula zipfel says:

    Yes, yes, and yes… wonderful for you all !
    To have loving grandparents close by enriches both family households.
    I have always wished my children would have chosen the old parish/ neighborhood.
    Let peace reign in your hearts. xo PZ

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