Helicopter Tears

November 17, 2011 § 1 Comment

My girl has been inconsolable, crying for two days now, about a shiny helicopter who hardly paid her any attention, and she knew for all of 30 minutes. (Ladies, sound oddly familiar?) Yet this ongoing meltdown has been the highlight of my month.

My skootchy lil Zel went to her friend’s house yesterday where she watched in awe as a remote control helicopter hovered above the neighbor’s house taking aerial shots of the teardown that is about to go on the market for 2.5 (that’s MILLION – for a teardown). Until that moment she thought she knew love. She thought she loved her parents, her siblings and her dearest pals, Willie, Charlie, Syd and Ella, but her bubble was burst, ’cause she found out, at all too young an age, that true love (from my experience I think it was lust) can blind side you. And a simple life that once revolved around play dates, passies and snacks is not a life worth living when you know it is out there. At least you would think this is so hearing her wail on and on about the *od-dammed helicopter we watched get packed up into a Jeep Cherokee (yes, they still make those) and drive away. Probably never to be seen again.

It has been over 24 hrs since Zel parted ways with her first love, and still she can talk of little else but that chopper. “Where did the helicopter goooooo….?” through sopping wet tears, has been her MO for two days now. No matter the message we give her, and no matter the messenger (Riley nailed it) she is not ready to accept the news that the helicopter is gone. Forever. He’s not coming back. And frankly, I am over it. But she, clearly, is not. She hardly ate a thing all day. She is that sad.

But I welcome this heartache because it has broken up the monotony of the living hell over here at the MEZ household.

I have been avoiding this blog because I know you all don’t want to hear one more word about the stubborn-a** lingering virus that is proving f’ing impossible to shake (it’s been 5 weeks, but the doctor told us 2), and you don’t want to hear any more about my labors over my kids’ books (2 done and done, and the last one is wearing me down), and since I really don’t have anything to say that anyone would find remotely interesting right now (unless you want to hear about how much I HATE my house), I’ve been trying to keep my trap shut.

But I don’t want you all to forget about me.

‘Cause I’ll be back one day, in full force, healthy, with a publisher (fingers crossed), living in a new house where my kids aren’t risking their lives every time they climb one of the 3 (open) spiral staircases, and until then I am sending out this sloppy mess. Just to remind you that I am here. Barely.

Here are a few snippets of what you are (hopefully) missing. It has been a s*#t show over here!

we have all pretty much been in jams since early October.

on the rare occasion we get out of the house, zel has been dressing herself. 100%. It's been an all out war! She looks a mess, and on her best day (this one) she channeled Little Orphan Annie

she also potty trained herself on Monday. I know many of you may think I have nothing to complain about, but trust me, I wasn't ready for this.

she insisted she do her art on the floor

in the buff

ready to get out of the house in a rare snot free moment

we made it to Ri's soccer game on Saturday. Not sure how he scored with a 101 fever, but I admire his dedication. He slept for 4 hours after this game.

and georgie was happy to feel the grass between his toes.

the glare he game me when he saw me coming at him with tissues

you know times are rough if I pull out the play dough. I despise this stuff.

my grey-green big boy trying to meet all of his sister's sculpting demands

at the park this afternoon georgie showed signs of real improvement. I'm thrilled, but i kinda need him to stay sick 'till I'm ready to keep up with a healthy toddler.

on the upside.... the long naps have allowed me to make kitchen sink soups galore! Stay tuned for the details of my favorites... Roasted Fennel & Butternut Squash and Portobello Mushroom, Roasted corn & red pepper. A girl's gotta eat.

we did take a stroll to the beach for a most awesome sunset.

Here’s what I know…Zel’s helicopter heartache will pass. And so will this virus.

But when??? 


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  • paula zipfel says:

    I think you really are Wonder Woman…to have such a drive and spirit even through advirsity to have everything so right -I feel you are one marvelous woman. PZ

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