Up & Away

November 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

I am still officially NOT posting because I am, a-hem, writing a coupl’a (attempting three actually) kids books. Weeeeeellll. Kinda. I am trying. But it’s harder than I thought. I am kicking around some decent drafts, but as every writer knows, it’s all about the revisions, and the occasional start over from scratch page one re-write. I have had a lot of those. They’re painful, but necessary. The Sleepover Pirate (kmongiello.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/the-sleepover-pirate) is coming to my house tonight to bring some treats to Ri and Gar-Gar, and aside from his words of wisdom for the boys, I’m hoping he has some notes for me. I need ‘em.

But just to keep What do I know? in the mix. Kinda. I have an itty-bitty post for tonight. It will scare the pants off of some of the mammas I know out there, but to just as many it will make you chuckle. It made me chuckle.

Even though I was screaming inside.

Kirky has many talents, and one of the gems that he keeps in his back pocket, just for a day like today, is that he can toss the s*#t out of our babies! He never asked if he could do it. He just did it. And if he had asked I would have said, “NO!” But he didn’t ask. He just threw them straight into the sky on a regular, call it Tuesday, a while back, and those babies shrieked with utter delight. So he did it again. And again. And everyone who knows me knows I am not petite, and I hate nothing more than when people even try to pick me up. I’m 5 ’10. Seriously, you’re going to toss me around, or sling me over your shoulder? And my dear sweet Zelly-pants is showing signs of being cut from the same cloth – not a hugger, and not a “pick me up” kinda gal -so although she may never make 5’10,  I’m figuring, on the off-chance she doesn’t stay short and stout, and should get it while she can. And georgie-pie, well that little nugget was built for air.

If I can’t join ‘em, I can at least document these test flights. I do have a new fancy “cam-er-mam-mer-a” (as Zel calls it). So today, while kicking it at our ol’ faithful Hotkiss Park, I snapped away while Kirky chucked our babies right into the most beautiful Santa Monica fall blue sky.

Here’s what I know… I should warn you.  They flew high. Maybe even higher than it looks? So some of you ninny-ish moms may want to stop reading now. Or just brace yourself, and know no one got hurt. And they LOVED every second of it.

He caught 'em. Every time.


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§ 2 Responses to Up & Away

  • decker says:

    i’m envisioning baby “leisure dives”. they’re ready!

  • paula zipfel says:

    The soaring Zipfelinies pictures capture freedom from gravity and sheer joy. How wonderful to have Kirk for a father!
    As a youngster Kirk would spend long times just jumping straight up thru the water of the backyard swimming pool and down-again and again…till his father yelled ( after watching for about 1/2 hour) ” Why dont you swim, you idoit !”
    Parenting styles are certainly an individual thing.
    xo from the Peacemaker Paula

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