It’s just another day

October 21, 2011 § Leave a comment


I woke up today, and despite the fog (day 5) I felt calmly optimistic. Sure, I still want a not-so-wonky house (with a yard), less financial stress (looking at private school & preschool for the babies), no surgeries on the horizon (two in the next two months), and a seaside vacation someplace where I’m not afraid to swim (sans sharks & trash) would be nice. But it’s my family that brings me home today. Actually most days.

Zel’s insistence on wearing her size 10  ballet flats while scootering (she’s a size 5),

she's a pro

this is her favorite move

Georgie’s drunken sailor sauntering,

hello, oxi clean

proud lil' Buster

Riley’s impressive independence.

does it really matter if it went in or not?

my big boy. at least one of them can put on their own shoes.

That’s what fills my heart. And my spirit. And then there’s our rock. Kirky. This dad-o-three, who was still single exactly 3 years ago. His commitment to this family, his tireless pursuit of his dream (which is now our dream).

at a shoot right before he pushed the crouching dude (stunt double) off the Santa Monica Pier

there he goes

and we all came out to watch

that's ri and his buddy pier-side waiting for the push

His ability to pick up just where I leave off (or pass-out) with this messy crew is impeccable. It’s a blessing. All of it. Always. But some days I just need a reminder. A pinch in my own a**.

Here’s what I know… Life is good. And the sun is shining somewhere. Probably even 10 blocks east. 

*And Kirky’s even making good coffee these days. Bonus.


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